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Stephen is currently taking students in northwest Sydney for piano, guitar and bass as well as those who wish to learn how to combine playing and singing.
This has been a popular style of contemporary performance now for many years, but where do you go to learn how to do it?
As a solo piano-bar player in virtually every one of Sydney's top nitespots, and a singer and multi-instrumentalist in pubs, clubs, weddings, corporate functions Stephen brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of this field to his lessons.
You learn the style and theory from someone who has put them both into practice.

The style of piano playing Stephen teaches is not classical, nor is it a curriculum-based course with exams.
Although he has students who have never played an instrument before, he specialises in teaching those who have some knowledge of the piano to expand that knowledge and make it more useful in the real musical worlds of pop, rock, country or swing.
While a classical music background is a great advantage when moving into these more contemporary areas, it is not essential, as songwriters such as John Lennon have proven.
Learn the chord formulas that song styles are based on.